Rules & Regulations

Campsite Check-in 1 pm / Check-out 12 noon

Rental Check-in 1 pm / Check-out 11 am

Late departure & early check-in require pre-authorization and additional fee.

QUIET HOURS: 10pm – 8am radios & generators turned off. Excessive noise will not be permitted at any hour.

ALL VISITORS will register and pay the guest fee.

CAMPFIRES will be no higher than your knees, completely contained within the fire ring and NOT left unattended.

  • Do Not move the fire rings. Locations are approved by Newport Fire Department based on surrounding conditions.
  • Fires must be completely extinguished before retiring for the night and not later than 12:00 midnight.
  • Please do not use the fire rings as trash receptacles. We work hard to keep rodents and varmints away from our campground and appreciate your assistance.
  • No cutting of standing trees (alive or dead) is permitted. Firewood may be purchased at the store.

Pets must be sociable

PETS are welcome as long as they are :

  • Quiet & kept under control and socialized.
  • Picked up after.
  • Leashed at all times. 6-foot lead, please.
  • A Dog Run is available – 50ft x 50ft near the sports field.
  • Not to be left unattended. Pets are not permitted in any buildings.
  • Pets are not permitted in the pool or on the pool deck. They may cool off in the river at any time or in the pond when not in use by people.
    *Rabies Certificate Required

CHILDREN: Parents are responsible for the supervision and actions of their children.

  • Must be at their own site by 10 pm.
  • Under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older) while swimming in the pool, pond or river.
  • Under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the rec hall and store.

Do not deface or mutilate campground property. Vandalism is cause for immediate eviction and/or prosecution.

DRINK RESPONSIBLY – No alcoholic beverages are to be taken off your campsite. Drunk and disorderly behavior is cause for eviction.

If you move picnic tables, please return them to the sites.

Campground SPEED LIMIT is 5 MPH. You are supposed to feel like you are going ridiculously slow!

All sites must be kept clean and orderly.
No fireworks or weapons of any form are allowed: firearms, air guns, slink shots, bow & arrow, etc.

DO NOT WASH: dishes, clothes or persons at water outlets, use dish washing stations provided.

Do not wash cars, RVs or trailers at the campground.

Wastewater may not be discharged onto the ground. A dump station is available to all campers.

Please do not use RV tank rinsers

RV tank rinsers are illegal in NH and endanger our water supply. DO NOT USE!

State of NH Regulations do not allow septic tank rinsing devices to be connected to a fresh water supply (cross connection)

Think about it. Tank rinsing devices must not be used on site, they can only be used at the dump station.

No off-road vehicles of any kind may be ridden in the campground.

No chainsaws allowed.

BICYCLES: No riding after dark. Helmets required for all riders under 16 years old.

No soliciting without permission from management.

No rule covering your actions? Please note that we at the Crow’s Nest Campground work very hard to promote a safe, friendly, family environment. We ask that your actions fit into that accordingly.